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P.h.D. Marilyn Cote
Norwegian centre for Mental Disorders Research. UIO
The Best Specialists in Mexico, 2017. Doctoralia Awards - Forbes.

Jurist / Criminologist / Psychologist

Dr. Marilyn Cote

Neuropsichology - Clinical Psichology - Psicotheraphy



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The Dr. Marilyn Cote Currently holds two doctoral degrees: Doctor of Clinical Psychology, and a Doctorate in Criminalistics and Criminology. She also has a variety of specialties and countless additional graduates.offers services in psicotherapy in the diferent areas of clinical Psichology in Neuropsychology to particulars, as well as companies and institutions in the different areas of criminalistic, criminology and everything concerned with forensics and psicological forensics. In San Diego CA USA as well as in the city of Puebla, Mexico.

The Dr. Marilyn Cote works as a psychotherapist offering the nex types of therapy:

  • Brief therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Couple therapy
  • Family therapy

Specialist in the treatment of:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Psychosis
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Limited personality disorder
  • Specialist in Rorschach
  • Psychodiagnosis

Is an expert in:

  • Criminal psychology
  • Criminal estadistics
  • Anormal psychology
  • Personality identification
  • Psychological profiling

She bases her services in the absolute ethical and professional environment of the brief sistematical short psychotherapy, in its diverse variants, in effect to offer us the ideal attention, to reachan integral emotional health.

Different from other institutes, the therapy sessions Are done with practical focus and without prolonging the strictly needed duration of the treatment. This is possible because the theraphy is supported with exercises you realize in the comfort of your home and everyday life, wich allows you to find in a few sessions an affective solution to the crisis you are going through and take solid steps to start the transformation process that will move you forward.

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Is an expert in:


  • Criminal investigation
  • Graphoscopy
  • Dactyloscopy, Ballistic
  • Documentoscopy
  • Microscopy
  • Photography forensic
  • Hair and fibers
  • Terrenal Transit Facts. Sinestry


  • Scientific criminal investigation
  • Forensic psychology
  • Criminal statistic
  • Psychology
  • Anormal psychology

Forensic Medicine

  • Forensic anthropology
  • Forensic odontology
  • Forensic serology
  • Forensic toxicology
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Dr. Marilyn Cote is a prominent Lawyer and Professional, in the areas of Criminology and Neuropsychology.

She began her University Studies in the year 1990, considering the Legal Profession, Notary and Actuary, in one of the most recognized universities.

Applicant was advocated in the areas of Criminal, Civil, Commercial Law, learning from the area covered by Protect Trial in all its forms, obtaining an unprecedented success in this Field, as many of her accomplishments were included in Jurisprudential Theses in the Supreme Court in Mexico.

Along with her work, she continued her studies in the MASTER of Criminalistics and Criminology and MASTER in Criminal Psychology.

Almost hand, entered the world of psychology, studying a Doctorate in CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY, and obtaining the Title of Dr. In CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY and a Doctorate Criminalistics and Criminology.

Dr. Marilyn Cote has shared outstanding and important contributions in round tables, Certifications and Conferences about:

And her brilliant participation in the PANEL: ABORTION DESCRIMINALIZATION, among many other participations, all of them, with important institutions in Mexico, Europe and the United States.

Currently, she is General Director of the International Firm CIE (Criminal Investigation Experts), based in Rome, Italy, and San Diego Ca. USA. See Services

Also, today serves as a Psychotherapist, mainly providing Brief Therapy, Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy and Child Therapy, being a student  of Criminal Pshycology, Criminal Statistics, Abnormal Psychology and Identification and Study of Personality.

The office of Dr. Marilyn Cote has a Psychotherapeutic Care Module PRO BONO (Free), focused on poor people. See Services

These professional activities are performed in Mexico, Europe and the United States.



Restless, determined and very idealist, always knew that success does not come alone, is to be found  fighting, being consistent, responsible and committed to our goals. Marilyn, from an early age, decided to work hard to achieve them, but Rome was not built in a day, it all takes time, years of effort and sometimes suffering.

From 3 years of age, her innate talent, both in the arts and sciences, was swift, as her young age, she was totally eager in knowledge of basic arithmetic, reading and writing also starting to dominate so lyrical music, playing little notes on the piano. All this only through observation, not very common feature in children her age, and shown great skill and interest in sport, which later bacame one of her passions.

Consequently, outstanding coefficient was reflected and learning grade level and learning had to be upfront three years, unlike the common denominator of children of that age, so from then on, she faced great responsibilities and challenges, typical of older children.

Years later, after considerable effort, she joined one of the most prestigious and recognized universities in the world, determined to become one of the best lawyers, graduating with a Law Degree, Notary and Actuary. Her success was immediate, because in a very short time has become one of the most experienced lawyers applicants and recognized in the legal world. Along with her professional success, she began his graduate studies in the careers of Criminalistics, Criminology and Behavioral Science and Criminal Psychology. See Trayectory

Currently holds two doctoral degrees: Doctor of Criminalistics and Criminology, and a Doctorate in Psychology. She also has a variety of specialties and countless additional graduates. See Trayectory

No doubt, today is one of the great JURISTS, CRIMINOLOGISTS and PSYCHOTHERAPISTS recently.

It was not easy, the road has been long and winding, there have been tears, suffering and hard work, sleepless nights, uncertain days, but full of hope, patience, trust and great strength.

But it has not been in vain, my greatest reward has been, is and will be to help achieve a goal, achieve an illusion or solve a problem and therefore obtain the smile, happiness, tranquility and peace of my peers.

Thereby achieving success together, shoulder to shoulder.

Thanks to all those who have trusted me to make your life a mutual success. - Dra. Marilyn Cote

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